Bed Side Screen 03 Fold

Bed Side Screen 03 Fold


  • Ward screen (3 screens).
  • Three panels.
  • Removable plastic cloth.
  • Independent folding panels.
  • Ø50 mm casters.


3 fold Bed Screen, also known as a ward screen, designed for healthcare environment. This bed screen comes with either three panels, offering flexible options for privacy and space division. The removable plastic cloth ensures easy cleaning and maintenance. Each panel folds independently, allowing for customizable configurations to suit specific needs. Equipped with Ø50 mm casters, the bed screen provides smooth mobility for effortless positioning. The structure is made of durable materials,finishes, ensuring longevity and stability.

provides ample coverage while remaining compact and easy to store when not in use. This 3 fold bed screen is a practical and essential addition to any healthcare facility, offering privacy and comfort for patients and caregivers alike